Say, Something Looks Different…

I’m sure it does.

That’s because something is different.

The website!

After more than seven years of using a theme called Modern News, we decided that it was time for a change. Besides, the old theme was malfunctioning so much (chronic developer neglect) that we knew we had no choice but to scrap it and get a new one. Something a little less clunky and a little more … modern.

Starting today, Ray’s Arithmetic has a new look!

As you can see, we’re keeping it real simple.

If you like it, great! If not, well, you know what Abraham Lincoln said: “You can please some of the people some of the time, and most of the people much of the time. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

I’m pretty sure he said that.

Anyway, it’s why I teach math and not history.

Speaking of that, if you are looking for a website that does offer courses not only in math and history but also in other subjects as well, taught in a way that trains up scholars, leaders and entrepreneurs, the best one I can recommend to you is the Ron Paul Curriculum.

K through 12. Self-taught with parental supervision. Rigorous enough for college preppers, business-builders and deep thinkers.

Click here if you want to have a look at the Ron Paul Curriculum (you can use my invaluable, inviolable affiliate link below):

Math 1 is Here!

At long last, the much heralded arrival of Mathematics 1 in the Ray’s Arithmetic series of online courses has arrived.

The arrival has arrived.

It took some doing but we finally found a suitable platform to launch from. Fits and starts have finally given way to a real, honest-to-goodness roll-out. And so, without further adieu…

Here it is.

This is where you can now purchase the standalone version of my Ray’s Arithmetic-based Math 1 course — which was previously ONLY available at the Ron Paul Curriculum.

The cost for the course: a mear $100

That’s for the same 180-lesson, 36-week video-based math course that has been offered to the public through the RPC since it debuted in Aug. 2015.

Plus, I’m offering the first 20 lessons of my course FREE, and a full 60-day money back guarantee.

Now, lest you think there’s something untoward or unseemly going on here, just let me state for the record that I have been given express permission and no small amount of guidance from the Ron Paul Curriculum Director himself, Dr. Gary North, PhD, to go ahead with this.

So, here we go.

All Aboard!

Sign up for the 20 free lessons and see what you think.

Then, if you decide you want to finish what you started (what your child started!) and get the other ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY lessons in the course, just proceed through the checkout line and pay with PAYPAL or a credit card via STRIPE.

Of course, even now I will still tell you that you get MORE (a whole lot more) if you order my course through the Ron Paul Curriculum. You get so many “goodies” that I can’t offer you. All the one-of-a-kind content and academic, informational and interactive and support bells and whistles that they provide at a low cost — $250/yr. for the whole family — plus my courses at $50 each.


I leave that buying decision up to YOU.

If you would like to give my Math 1 course a “test drive” via the shiny new website that I’m about to show you — the first 20 lessons are FREE — then follow the link below. I will gladly hand you the car keys.

(Finally, I’ll say one more thing and no more about it… if you do decide that you would rather take my Math 1 course for a test drive over at the Ron Paul Curriculum, then would you please do me a VERY big favor? Would you please kindly use my affiliate link to go there? Tell them “PAUL” (MR. RAMIREZ, beginning math teacher) sent you!)

Thank you.

Welcome to the Ray’s Arithmetic “mastering the math” community!