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Why do I think anybody interested in home-schooling should consider the Ron Paul Curriculum?

Well, because, in my opinion, it is what an online, self-taught academic curriculum should be.

As I said on my Homeschool Solutions page, this is the academic program I would have used with my own kids–if it had been available!

It offers the following:

  • High-quality content and instruction.
  • Low cost per student.
  • Promotes a free-enterprise, liberty-oriented, success-focused worldview (the “freedom philosophy”)
  • History, math, science, economics, literature and other subjects are taught in a practical and integrative format.
  • Offers something for all ages–event the adults in the household!–academic content and teaching for everyone from youngest to oldest.
  • Less demanding for parents–it’s not as “teacher-intensive” as other programs.
  • Encourages bright, motivated students to advance and achieve their individual academic goals.
  • Virtually accessible from anywhere in the world–wherever there is a high-speed Internet connection.

This is why I chose to work with Dr. Gary North and the folks at RPC as a math instructor!

They have the same philosophy of education that I do, and the same academic goals for their students as I have.

The Mission and the Goal

Namely, the mission and the goal of this one-of-a-kind academic program is to train up a generation of young people — better yet, multiple generations of young people — to become the new leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, statesmen, artists, writers, business-builders, job-creators, economy-makers and long-term wealth-producers in our world.

To do this, it seeks to teach students to appreciate our Western-Civilization heritage and its rich history and that of our liberty.  It seeks to impart the knowledge and understanding necessary to succeed in life, providing the necessary intellectual tools to build a brighter future for themselves and for their families.


Okay, this is a math website.  So how does mathematics fit into such a lofty goal?

Well, the study of arithmetic and mathematics provides a fundamental and systematic way to train your child’s mind to think logically and rationally.  The discipline of arithmetic helps a student to think clearly and methodically about other subjects, too.

This is important, after all, because. . .

Clear-thinking children tend to grow up and become clear-thinking ADULTS!

So Please Consider Using the RPC as Your Go-To Resource for Home Education

I hope you will give serious thought to enrolling your family in the Ron Paul Curriculum today.

It is an extraordinary and unique program.  Literally nothing else like it.  And I would love to see the RPC community grow and flourish to help millions of kids and adults around the world to discover their unique talents, skills and abilities to help those around them in their own communities and in the marketplace, wherever they can make the greatest impact and contribution — not only to their own successes but also to the successes of others.  I hope you share in this hope and dream of mine for the future.

(Note: this page contains “affiliate links”, which means that if you click on any of them and make a purchase on the Ron Paul Curriculum website, I will receive a referral commission.  Just so you know that!)

My sincere thanks,

Paul J. Ramirez


UPDATE: Since this page was written (Fall 2014), the Ron Paul Curriculum expanded in early 2015 to include grades K-thru-5.  I joined to teach beginning math for grades 1-4.  That has kept me PRETTY busy until this year (2017).

All of my courses are now offered there — Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 and Math 4 — and they are all based on the Ray’s New Arithmetic series.  They are available for purchase by enrolled members ($250 family enrollment fee) on the RPC website.

Page last updated October 17, 2018

Page updated October 23, 2021

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4 thoughts on “Ron Paul Curriculum

    1. I would recommend it for any child who wants to learn. He doesn’t have to be “incredibly” self-disciplined. Most adults are not! As long as the child shows some initiative and motivation for learning without constant badgering or begging, it will work.

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