Ron Paul Curriculum


So why do I think that anyone who is interested in home-schooling should consider the Ron Paul Curriculum?

Well, because, in my opinion, it is what an online, home-based academic program should be.

As I said on my Homeschool Solutions page, this is the academic program I would have gladly used with my own kids, if it had been available.

It offers the following:

  • High-quality instruction and content.
  • Low cost per student.
  • Promotes a free-enterprise, liberty-minded, success-minded worldview.
  • History, math, science, economics, literature, art and all other subjects taught in a practical and integrative way.
  • Offers something for all ages–academic content and teaching for everyone from youngest to oldest — even the adults!
  • Less demanding on parents (not so “teacher-intensive”) compared to other full-day home-school curricula.
  • Makes it easy for bright, motivated students to advance and achieve their academic goals.
  • Virtually accessible from anywhere in the world–where ever there is Internet access.

This is why I chose to work with the folks at the RPC as a math instructor!

They have the same philosophy of education that I do, and the same academic goals for students that I have.

Namely, to train up a generation of young people — better yet, multiple generations of young people — to become the new leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, statesmen, artists, writers, business-builders, job-creators, economy-makers and long-term wealth-producers in our world.  Moreover, to teach students how to understand and appreciate their history and especially their liberty, and how to gain the knowledge, understanding and experience — and wisdom  — they will need to succeed in life, and to provide them with the necessary intellectual and moral tools to build a bright future for themselves and their families.


Okay, this is a math website.  How does math fit into this goal?

Well, the study of arithmetic and mathematics provides a fundamental and systematic way to train a child’s mind to think logically and rationally.  And the discipline of arithmetic helps the student to think clearly and methodically about other subjects, too.  This is important because. . .

Clear-thinking children tend to grow up and become clear-thinking adults!

Please Consider the RPC for Your Child

I hope you will consider using the Ron Paul Curriculum.  It is an extraordinary program.  I would like to see the RPC grow and flourish to help millions of kids and adults around the world to discover their unique talents, skills and abilities, and to make the most of developing and using them to help those around them in their communities and in the marketplace, wherever they can make the greatest impact and contribution — not only to their own success but also to the success of others.  I hope you share in this hope and dream for the future.  Thank you!

Paul J. Ramirez

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  1. I attend the Ron Paul Curriculum. I think it is a very grand school and you should definitely consider it.


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