8 thoughts on “Rays New Practical Arithmetic (5-6)

    1. I’m not sure yet, Angela. The Ron Paul Curriculum needed grades 1-2 this school year, then 3-4 next year. That delayed my plans of getting grade 5-6 lessons up until next year. Not sure when exactly. I will post an update when I get an accurate idea of when you can expect to start seeing them.

  1. Paul, what would your recommendation be for a 6th grader? We’ve been using Easy Peasy and will continue with it, but I would like her math tutor to work from this book. Where should he start her?

    1. Ask the tutor to start at the beginning of Practical Arithmetic. There is a lot of review of fundamentals. The tutor can pick and choose what he thinks your daughter needs reinforcement of. She must be rock-solid on the four operations and the tables of them. The book offers more than enough problems to work for practice.

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