Multiplication and Division

(PRIMARY MATH continued)Rays Primary Arithmetic 1857

Note: this section of arithmetic operations is covered extensively in my full-year Grade 2 Mathematics course.

(If you’re interested in ordering that course, click HERE.)


Lesson XXXVIII – Counting the swallows in the picture.  Then multiplying to get the TOTAL picture!

Lesson XXXIX – Multiplication with the number ONE.

Lesson XL – Multiplication with the number TWO.

Lesson XLI – Multiplication with the number THREE.

Lesson XLII – Multiplication with the number FOUR.

Lesson XLIII – Multiplication with the number FIVE.

Lesson XLiV – Multiplication with the number SIX.

Lesson XLV

Review, Lessons XLII – XLV

. . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I am considering starting this program with my second grade son, but I am curious about whether the new lessons will be out in time for next year when he hits third grade. When do you expect to roll out new videos?

    • I’ve had to suspend doing new videos until I can finish the courses for Ron Paul Curriculum. That will be early in 2017… unless the curriculum director comes to me with another course request. I should know for sure in the next 3-4 months.

  2. Thank you, Paul. Will the math curriculum be available to purchase through Ron Paul Curriculum separately? I am looking for Grades 1,2 and 3. My son is somewhere between Grade 1 and 2 this year so we are planning on speeding through the first half of the primary for review and then slowing down as we go through multiplication. I expect him to be ready for third by September of 2017. I would be very interested in purchasing the curriculum to help me figure out how to teach all of this! Can you give me some ideas for what to do until it is released? I am particularly looking or ideas for how to practice the problems throughout the week other handwriting problem sheets which is what I currently do.

  3. Can I have your honest opinion of you will actually have time to finish these lessons as you have for 1st grade math, and this beginning part of 2nd? I’m almost out of lessons via your videos and I need to adjust my time for when I do. I do not want to purchase a membership to RPC just to access your lessons, when they are all I’m interested in. Do you have ANY idea on how this is looking now that it’s almost March of 2017? Thank you for all your time and amazing work on these!
    P.S. I’d rather just pay you through your website for these lessons, the way you’ve done them so far, going through elementary. Just a thought! 😉

    • Thank you for your compliment and your interest!

      Yes, the RPC project is taking longer than I thought. However, it looks like I’ll be finished by or before the end of April. Then I can resume doing lesson videos for this site. And yes I will put together a complete course for sale by itself, apart from RPC.

  4. Your videos 1-40 for Math 1 are wonderful. I purchased the complete Math 1 course for $50 from the Ron Paul website, however it now appears that in order to actually acquire the course that I paid for, I must spend an additional $250 for a membership fee. Is that correct? Thank you!

    • As a course instructor I’m afraid I don’t know much about the administrative side of the Ron Paul Curriculum. However if I were you I would contact Jo Dee Soles at the RPC. She can definitely help you with that.

      I know that the $250 enrollment fee gives you and your family full access to everything the site has to offer, which is a lot. (And it is a bargain compared to other online subscription programs that I’ve seen, which are not liberty and free-enterprise-oriented).

      Thanks so much for your very kind words! I hope you and your child benefit from the full math courses.

      Paul Ramirez

  5. Okay, thank you. I guess I have just been a little confused about your courses on this website because at the top of the web page it says that the videos are free, whereas the videos linked to the RPC website are not free.

    As another person commented above, I would happily pay for your math courses apart from the RPC courses. Though the RPC courses are probably fantastic, my interest is only in your math videos and I simply cannot justify paying the membership fee in addition to the course fee.

    Do the videos on this website match the Ray’s book exactly, whereas the videos on the RPC website are more in-depth?

    Additionally, I planned on whizzing through Math 1 as a form of review, then beginning Math 2, but it appears that the Math 2 videos have not been completed. I understand through reading the above comments, that there have been unexpected delays, per the comment from 2/17. Do you have a rough idea yet when you anticipate that the Math 2 videos will be complete? I would need to consider finding an alternative to Ray’s if you expect further delay because, although I love Ray’s and your videos, I do not feel comfortable teaching Ray’s Arithmetic without your videos using only the Ray’s book. Thank you so much for your time and understanding!

    • Let me help clear up the confusion: the videos and lessons on this website are free. The RPC courses are paid courses (along with the annual enrollment fee).

      I still plan on making my math courses available by themselves (i.e., not sold through RPC). I’ve had to discontinue doing new videos for this site while I work on that. No date certain yet. (Time constraints have really slowed things down!)

      As far as your question about the videos on this site following the Ray’s books exactly, they do. The RPC courses do as well, but they go more in depth because there are more videos and more lessons per course.

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