This is the first lesson in the MULTIPLICATION section of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic book.

It will be hard to make out the details of the picture on this page, but that is what this lesson is about.  (I’m sure the original illustration was a lot clearer!)

There really are swallows flying around… and sitting around… in and around that shed.

Your job is to count them, and then to begin to gaze in wonder at the marvel of multiplication!



Ray's Primary Arithmetic MULTIPLICATION Lesson 38

How many swallows can you count in the picture?  How many are flying inside the shed?  How many are at rest?  How many are flying outside the shed?

1. How many birds are three times four birds?

2. How many are  3  times  4 ?

3 There are four nests over the door-way: if there are four eggs in each nest, how many eggs are there in all the nests?

4. How many are  4  times  4 ?

5. Each swallow has two wings: how many wings have eight swallows?

6. How many are  8  times  2 ?


Rays woodcutborder

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