The third of three REVIEW lessons on Addition and Subtraction in Ray’s Primary Arithmetic.

This the final lesson in the SUBTRACTION section of the book.

Get ready for some fun and challenging problems!



1. Begin with  20,  and subtract by  2’s  to  0.

SOLUTION.– 20,  18,  16,  14,  12,  10,  8,  6,  4,  2,  0.

2. Begin with  18,  and subtract by  3’s  to  0.

3. Begin with  20,  and subtract by  4’s  to  0.

4. Begin with  20,  and subtract by  5’s  to  0.

5. Begin with  18,  and subtract by  6’s  to  0.

6. Francis has  10  cents in two pockets: there are  4  cents in one: how many in the other?

7. I think of two numbers that together make  8:  one of them is  5:  what is the other?

8. Mary had  11  apples: she gave  4  to Lucy, and  5  to Nancy: how many had she left?

SOLUTION.–Mary gave away  4  apples and  5  apples, which are  9  apples; then, she had left  11  apples less  9  apples, which are  2  apples.

9. Emma had  15  cents: she paid  5  cents for thread,  2  cents for tape, and  3  cents for needles: how much had she left?

10. I have  10  cents in one hand, and  5  in the other: if I take  3  cents from each hand, how many cents will I then have in both hands?

11. Three numbers together make  18:  the first number is  9,  the second is  4:  what is the third?

12. I bought  16  oranges, and gave  6  to James: Henry afterwards gave me  8  more: how many oranges had I then?

13. James has  8  marbles, and John has  7;  Henry has  10  less than James and John together: how many marbles has Henry?

14. Albert bought  10  apples: he sold  3,  and ate  2:  how many apples had he left?


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