Lesson XXIV


We begin by counting up some owls and bats in this rather spooky-looking picture.  Then we do a little subtraction using our nocturnal friends as the counters!

S U B T R A C T I O N .

Ray's Primary Arithmetic SUBTRACTION pic


Here is a picture of some owls sitting on the branch of a pine tree.  How many owls are there?  There are also some bats flying: how many bats can you see?

1. There were three owls sitting on a tree; two of them flew away, how many were left?

2. Three less 2 are how many?

3. Seven bats were seen flying, four of them flew into a barn: how many were still outside?

4. Seven less 4 are how many?

5. There were nine leaves on one twig, but three of them fell off: how many leaves were left?

6. Nine less 3 are how many?


Rays woodcutborder

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