Lesson XXIII


This is the final lesson in the ADDITION section of the Primary Math book.

Aha, HERE are the story problems!  (Finally.)

A little bit of everything, from peaches to fishes…  I spend all my money buying hats and coats…  And, by the way, how much did that farmer get for his apples and butter and wood?



1. Mary paid 5 cents for ribbon, 4 cents for thread, and 3 cents for tape; how much did she pay for all?

SOLUTION.–Mary paid for all 5 cents and 4 cents and 3 cents, which are 12 cents.

2. Joseph caught 6 fishes, Samuel 3, and Henry 5: how many fishes did they all catch?

3. A boy spent 7 cents for candy, 3 cents for cakes, and 6 cents for apples: how much did he spend?

4. Six peaches and 3 peaches and 6 peaches are how many peaches?

5. Eight dollars and two dollars and eight dollars are how many dollars?

6. Jane has 2 pins, and Mary gives her 4; she then finds 7 more: how many pins has she?

7. James has 4 marbles: he buys 6 at a store, and Edward gives him 7 more: how many marbles has he then?

8. I buy a hat for 4 dollars, a vest for 5 dollars, and a coat for 10 dollars, when I find that I have spent all my money: how much money had I?

9. A farmer sold a barrel of apples for three dollars, a tub of butter for nine dollars, and a load of wood for seven dollars: how much did her receive for all?

10. I buy four apples for 7 cents, two pears for 3 cents, and five oranges for 10 cents: how much do I spend?

11. I buy 2 apples of one man for 2 cents, 6 of another for 5 cents, and 7 of another for 10 cents: how many apples do I buy?  How many cents do I spend?

12. John bought 5 pears for 6 cents, 3 pears for 4 cents, and 2 pears for 5 cents: how many pears did he buy?  How much did they all cost?


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