Lesson VI

Writing the figures for the numbers ONE to ONE HUNDRED.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.



NOTE.–The pupils must be thoroughly exercised in writing numbers.  One or more pupils at a time may be sent to the blackboard, or the work may be done at their seats with pencil and slate.


1. Naught; one, ten; two, twenty; three, thirty; four, forty; five, fifty; six, sixty; seven, seventy; eight, eighty; nine, ninety.

2. Eleven; twelve, twenty-one; thirteen, thirty-one; fourteen, forty-one; fifteen, fifty-one; sixteen, sixty-one; seventeen, seventy-one; eighteen, eighty-one; nineteen, ninety-one.

3. Twenty-two; twenty-three, thirty-two; twenty-four, forty-two; twenty-five, fifty-two; twenty-six, sixty-two; twenty-seven, seventy-two; twenty-eight, eighty-two; twenty-nine, ninety-two.

4. Thirty-three; thirty-four, forty-three; thirty-five, fifty-three; thirty-six, sixty-three; thirty-seven, seventy-three; thirty-eight, eighty-three; thirty-nine, ninety-three.

5. Forty-four; forty-five, fifty-four; forty-six, sixty-four; forty-seven, seventy-four; forty-eight, eighty-four; forty-nine, ninety-four.

6. Fifty-five; fifty-six, sixty-five; fifty-seven, seventy-five; fifty-eight, eighty-five; fifty-nine, ninety-five.

7.  Sixty-six; sixty-seven, seventy-six; sixty-eight, eighty-six; sixty-nine, ninety-six.

8. Seventy-seven; seventy-eight, eighty-seven; seventy-nine, ninety-seven.

9.  Eighty-eight; eighty-nine, ninety-eight.

10.  Ninety-nine.  One=hundred.


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