Practical Math (5-6)


This is the third book in the series.

(For grades 5-6)

Video lessons coming soon!

PLEASE NOTE: Grade 6 arithmetic/mathematics and above is currently being offered at the Ron Paul Curriculum.  That is not a Ray’s Arithmetic-based program . . . YET!  (Though it does use some of Ray’s problems.)   I will be creating Ray’s lessons here as soon as I can.

For a complete listing of Mathematics and other courses offered at the Ron Paul Curriculum for grades 6 and above, please click here.

Meanwhile, you can download the entire book here:

Ray’s New Practical Arithmetic

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7 thoughts on “Practical Math (5-6)

  1. I can’t wait, this is all that is missing! I love Ray’s math! We belong to a group that is looking forward to these.

    1. Hi, Amanda. I wish I could say yes. Much as I would like to do more Ray’s Arithmetic videos, I am currently involved in a free K-12 online curriculum for which I am developing high school and junior high math courses. That is taking all of the available time that I used to have! Sorry.

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