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Here’s the deal.

I want to find out how many of you would like to buy “full-year” (36-week, 180-lesson) math courses that are 100% based on Ray’s New Arithmetic.

Right now, all four of my courses, Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 and Math 4, are for sale and available to enrolled members/families on the Ron Paul Curriculum website.

But only to those who are fully enrolled (with the $250 annual enrollment fee) in the Ron Paul Curriculum.

I want to make them available to YOU — meaning those of you who only want to buy my math courses, and who don’t want all the great perks and outstanding and enriching benefits of the excellent and incomparably valuable RPC program  (I’m shocked!)

Anyway, the courses would be sold as individual stand-alone courses.

How much will they cost?

Well, by contractual obligation I cannot sell them for less than $100 each.  So that is what the price will be when they become available.  (They are $50 each on the RPC site.)

One more thing.  They will be sold on a different website.  They won’t be sold here because this is a free WordPress website that does not allow for “e-commerce” or the kind of robust digital infrastructure required to host a full online video curriculum.

So, . . .

Would you be interested?

If you are, then please take a moment to answer the poll question below.

(Hint: you can give more than one answer if you’d like.  But only submit your vote ONCE!)

Thank you!

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