An Important Question to Ask You


Here’s the deal.

Right now, all four of my math courses, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Mathematics 3, and Mathematics 4, are available for sale to enrolled families and members at the Ron Paul Curriculum website.

But they’re only available to those who subscribe and pay the annual $250 family enrollment fee (which is a valuable proposition, if you ask me).

However, . . .

I would like to make them available to YOU!

Meaning, those of you who only want to buy math courses and who do not wish to receive all of the great perks and outstanding benefits you would get by enrolling your child in the incomparable and most excellent RPC program.  (I’m shocked!)

Before I can do that, though, I need to know how many of you would be interested in purchasing these same “full-year” (36-week, 180-lesson) math courses — the same ones offered at RPC, 100% based on Ray’s New Arithmetic books — if they were to be sold separately and apart from RPC as individual, stand-alone courses, directly from me to you.

“Yes, I would like that!”–you say–“How much will they cost?”

Well, by contractual agreement, I cannot sell them for anything less than $100 each course.

So, that is what the price will be when they become available: $100 per course.

(Compare this to the $50 per course price when you enroll at RPC and pay the $250 annual family membership fee, which does enable you to purchase all of the other courses at $50 each, in addition to TONS of free “members-only” content that–in my opinion– is worth hundreds of times this amount.  But, I will leave that decision up to you.)

So, . . .  would you be interested?

If you are, then please do me a big favor.  Please take a moment to answer the following poll question:

(Hint: you can give more than one answer to this if you’d like.  But please submit your vote only ONCE!)


(Note: this page was updated January 10, 2018.)

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