Grade 1 Math

1st Grade

Update: this page was written and posted in the winter/spring of 2015.  The Math 1 course is now available in its completed form here: Beginning Arithmetic.


For those of you who wanted more of a “full-blown” math course for Grade 1, based entirely on Ray’s Arithmetic, I’ve got good news.  I am in the process of developing it right now!

This Math 1 course goes way beyond the video lessons that I have posted here so far.  I spend a lot more time on each book lesson.  I slow down the pace.  The likelihood of your child actually mastering the material (which Ray’s is legendary for helping young students do) is increased exponentially!

When it is finished, the course will first be available at Ron Paul Curriculum starting in the Fall 2015.  (Later on it may be available with other online curriculum programs as well.)  It will be a formal, 36-week, 180 lesson course.  In other words, it will satisfy the academic calendar course requirements for all 50 states and their education departments (“public instruction”).  In other words, it will be an honest-to-goodness, “real” math course.

And,. . .

I am making the first 40 lessons of that course available for FREE!

That’s the good news.

The “bad” news — depending on how you look at it — is that, in order to get all 180 lessons, well, you’ll just have to cough up some dough!

How much “dough”?  Well, let me put it to you this way:

“If Johnny’s parents paid 28 cents for a math lesson and they bought 180 lessons in all, how much did they pay?”

You do the math!

Anyway, here is a brief video giving you an overview of what Grade 1 Math will cover:


One thing about this course, there is a lot more hand-holding and in-depth guidance — for the teacher-parent, not just for the student — than what is found elsewhere on this site.

That’s because there is (or will be) more structure and more content. More videos and more time spent on each lesson.  Also, with the full course, there will be tests and a complete lesson plan for you to follow with your students.


This will be a “turn-key,” ready-to-use, almost-fool-proof way of teaching primary arithmetic to your young learner.

I say almost fool-proof because you (the adult) are still on the hook for ultimately making this whole thing work.  Sorry.

Who is this intended for?

For parents who know they need to pull their kids out of public school (immediately) and begin to home school them, but who don’t relish the thought of having to reinvent the wheel or “reverse-engineer” a complete math curriculum for their child.

It’s also for parents who don’t relish the thought of having to reinvent or reverse-engineer an ENTIRE home school curriculum for their child!  That has already been done for them.  This math course will be part of a complete academic program.

So, without further ado, let’s get this math party started. . .


UPDATE DEC. 2020: Mathematics 1 is now available as a stand-alone course on my new RAY’S ARITHMETIC learning platform!  Go here for details: Ray’s Arithmetic Tutorials.

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