Latest Lessons: Subtraction

We’ve left addition for the moment.  But only for a moment.

The next section of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic book is SUBTRACTION.

That starts at Lesson 24–sorry, XXIV.

First, we count the owls and the bats in the spooky illustration on page 27.

Then we do a few subtraction exercises with them.  Bats and owls. WHO!

Lesson XXIV


Lesson XXV has us doing some warm-up subtraction:

1 from 6 leaves 5

7 from 8 leaves 1

1 from 10 leaves 9

Then some word problems that include subtracting roses, melons, nuts, pigeons, marbles, chickens, apples, plums, and of course, money (cents).

Arithmetic giveth and arithmetic taketh away.

Lesson XXV

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