Coming REAL Soon: Grade 1 Math… 2.0

1st Grade

Just when you think you’ve got your marching orders locked in and ready to execute — POOF! — they change once again.

That’s okay.  I did not sign up for static predictability when I took on the colossal academic task of converting the entire contents of the hallowed Ray’s New Arithmetic series into an easy-to-use online video lesson format.

I surely did not sign up for static predictability when I answered the call from an online homeschool curriculum development director to produce course materials for the primary math levels using the aforementioned format.

And so, as they say, the Ray’s Arithmetic video lesson situation is fluid, transient, and in a kinetic state of flux.

Which means that what I thought was my top priority (which it was a month ago) — grade 4 math — is now merely a high priority.

My new top priority is… (drum roll):

Grade 1 math!


Yes, grade one math.

As you probably are aware, the website that you’re on already features screencast “whiteboard”-type video lessons that I’m doing based on Ray’s New Primary Arithmetic.   This is the textbook for grades 1 – 2 math.

What I am working on right now is a new-and-improved version of them.

“Two-point-oh?”  That’s my way of saying they are a significant upgrade to the original video lessons.  Meaning that, from a technical standpoint and from the standpoint that the new lessons will be more systematic and formally scheduled as a fully developed math curriculum, they will be a cut above the originals.

I will let you decide whether they are any better!

The other thing that makes this upgrade significant is that the entire course — 180 lessons — will be offered as a paid math course on another homeschool curriculum website, of which (I am not ashamed to admit) I am an affiliate.

What I will post here on this site will be a substantial portion of that course.


Needless to say, the preparation and planning required, in addition to the actual production and editing and technical aspects and even the copy writing for the lessons, has created a bit of a hiatus from the activity of this site.  I promise, that is only temporary!

Suffice to say, I am very excited by the overall trend towards home schooling and away from the statist, bureaucratic, leftist-indoctrination-infused education model.

This bodes well for the future of our children and our future as a nation and civilization.

My goal remains unchanged: make Ray’s Arithmetic the gold standard for effective, online 21st-century math education!

And now, back to our irregularly scheduled math program. 🙂

Grade 4 Math: Update!

4thgradeThere I was, merrily rolling along through Ray’s Primary Arithmetic lessons when, suddenly,. . . without warning, . . . The Call came.

Actually, it was an e-mail.

Actually it was a series of e-mails.

First, it was the director of curriculum development asking me to do some high school Algebra lessons (online screencasts like the ones on this site) using Ray’s textbooks.

Then, it was the director of curriculum development asking me to do some primary-grade school math lessons using Ray’s textbooks, and fuggetabout Algebra.  At least for now.

Time was of the essence and the curriculum course offerings were going to be expanding next Fall (2015) to include the primary grade levels and not just middle school and high school.

And TOP priority was given to Grade 4 math.  That is the level most likely to be requested in greater numbers by families and parents next Fall.

As Shaggy would say to Scooby and the gang, Zoicks!

That meant that the video lessons for these grades — especially Grade 4 — had to be done RIGHT NOW.

Ray’s Intellectual Arithmetic, here we come.


Why is this important to you?

Well, because it means that I have had to shift gears, actually grade levels, to meet this hard-and-fast deadline which is fast approaching and coming at us like a freight train: August-September enrollment next year.

Hundreds of new primary-school students are expected to be enrolling in the newly expanded curriculum course offerings.  Especially the newly expanded math course offerings.

And this means that that scarcest of resources — time — has had to be reallocated to accommodate this very TALL order.

Lessons will continue to be created for this site, HOWEVER, in smaller quantities and at a slower pace.


My goal is to work through Ray’s Arithmetic books one by one.  That is a long-term goal.  The results, when all is said and done, will be a selection of video lessons that are offered here, as well as a complete and fully developed mathematics course for each grade level that will be offered elsewhere.

For now, that “elsewhere” is the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Later on, as things unfold, who knows, that “elsewhere” could be . . . elsewhere!

The project is still in its infant stages.  Patience is definitely a virtue with math.  It is even more of a virtue with video math.  On both the production side and the “consumption” side.

I hope and pray that this endeavor, in all of its evolving iterations and digital incarnations, will bear much fruit, and ultimately lead to a useful academic and intellectual harvest for some small portion of the next generation of learners — and leaders!

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