A New Site Dedicated to ‘Ray’s New Arithmetic’

Today is the launch date of this free website, which is dedicated to providing online access–at no cost–to the entire contents of Ray’s New Arithmetic.  Ray’s was a comprehensive series of public school math textbooks that became immensely popular during the mid-nineteenth century in America.

What’s so special about offering free online access to these textbooks (downloadable PDFs)?

Nothing.  Except that, in addition to that, this site will also offer video lessons based on the textbooks from grades K thru 5.  These will also be free of charge, and available for viewing via You Tube.

For you — my fellow homeschooling parents and grandparents and advocates of educational liberty/academic freedom, and other interested folks who just want to be well-grounded in the fundamentals of mathematics — this means that you now have an easy-to-access resource for using this classic and very effective learning tool that has served generations of children well, and continues to serve math students well into the 21st century.

For me — the site’s creator — on the other hand, this gives me a chance to indulge in something I’ve been wanting to do: make a small contribution to the burgeoning world of online education and the advancement of learning for the next generation. It also means that we have a LOT of work to do!

So let’s get started…

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