Primary Arithmetic, Lessons Three and Four: Counting from 41-100

These past couple of days we created and uploaded Lessons Three and Four of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic for Young Learners.

They complete the introductory counting section of the book, where we started from one (1) and counted all the way to one hundred (100).

Counting objects visually before learning the numbers is, in my opinion, indispensable to a child’s right understanding of what all those symbols–figures and letters–on the page mean.

Primary Arithmetic Lesson Two

On a roll. We knocked out Lesson Two of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic, so here it is.

Lesson Two picks up the Numbers and Figures section where Lesson One left off (really) at eleven (11) and continues through forty (40).

As before, we count visually first and then go on to write the numerals (figures) for each number in sequence and then write out each one as a word–or compound word.

It may get a little trickier to find enough similar-looking objects to use for counting as we get higher and higher in the numbers. You may have to resort to emptying out your three-hole puncher and counting all the paper punch-outs! But maybe not.

You’re a parent and a homeschool teacher.  You are resourceful.

Update 12-July-2014: Lesson Two was redone using an external microphone and with more emphasis on counting.  I did not include writing out the numbers in words as I did in the original.  That is covered in later lessons.

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