Ray’s Arithmetic: Update Jan. 2018

rays-practical-arithmetic-1857-coverHello, and Happy New Year, fans of Ray’s Arithmetic!  I hope your Twenty Eighteen is going well for you.

As we embark on another twelve months together, I wanted to let you know that, (a), the periodic free video lessons on Ray’s Primary (1-2) and Ray’s Intellectual (3-4) math will resume shortly; and, (b), we are closer to launching a separate website where you can purchase the full math courses that I produced based on Ray’s for “grades 1-4”.

Life, as they say, pitched a curve ball over the summer that resulted in a bit of a delay,  But, now with the change of the calendar, we are back on track and moving ahead with plans.

Here is what I want to update you on.

Next month (February), I begin development of the new Ray’s Arithmetic website.  It will be a companion to the one you’re on now.   This site here will remain a free, standalone site thanks to the generous and accommodating folks at WordPress.com.

The new one will also be a standalone site.  But it will be on a platform (self-hosted) where I will be able to add some useful features–like a private, members-only discussion forum for parents and students to ask (and answer) questions on, and members-only content that will be a benefit of joining.

More importantly, it will enable you to purchase the math courses individually as you wish.  (I really like the all-in-one, turn-key approach–as well as the unique, free-market, entrepreneural focus and liberty-oriented philosophy–of the Ron Paul Curriculum, but I realize many of you are not looking for that.  This site will be for you.)

So, be patient!  Jerusalem wasn’t built in a day.  Content-based, education websites aren’t either.

I would insert here, “Coming soon!”–but that is such a worn-out phrase.  (It’s also been all over this site for too long now.)

The new site will be up and ready for use later this year.  That is our goal.

Stay tuned!



Multiplication with the number FIVE.


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