Ray’s New Algebra on the Horizon

RaysMathematicalSeriesbookcoverWe are barely half-way into the lessons of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic and already I have been approached to do Ray’s New Algebra next year!  Wow.  I’m still working out the details and logistics of it.  Still assessing the magnitude of the task.  After all, a major shift in emphasis like this can only be described as. . .

“The Great Leap Forward!”

That is exactly what it would be.  Moving from the simplicity and elegance of the rude operations of arithmetic to the complexity and elegance of elementary and higher algebra within a year’s time will require some serious math prep on my part.  But I have to admit, an opportunity and a project like this is one that I relish.  Of course, it is also known as fools rushing in where seasoned math instructors fear to tread!

Obviously, a year (or less) is not enough time to work my way organically, chronologically and sequentially through the Ray’s math books until i arrive in due course at the two Algebra volumes in the series.

But it does place a nice bright underline beneath the fact that the venerable old Ray’s Arithmetic books are enjoying something of a revival of late. They are still in demand.

And that’s good.

“Quality never goes out of style.”

These books deserve a second look.  And a third, and a fourth and a fifth.

They have been available for years as a republished set of hardcover and softcover volumes, and also online as free PDFs–downloadable and printable image files.  Yet they have been ignored and consigned to antiquarian status as an outdated, outmoded approach to arithmetic from the days of yore.  I say, let’s have more of yore.

And yore in luck.  Because I plan to do more of these Ray’s books with their quaint, time-stamped lessons-from-real-life-in-19th-century-America as online video tutorials and homeschool math material using 21st-century tools and technology.  And why not?  They are as challenging and enlightening and intellectually edifying now as they ever were, if not more so.

So why do it?

Because somebody should!

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