Thanks to the Ron Paul Curriculum and Ray’s Arithmetic, This Girl LOVES Math!

Here is a great example of what happens when you take a classic mathematics program like Ray’s Arithmetic and fuse it with a powerful online platform like the Ron Paul Curriculum.

You get successes like the one of this young lady named Hailey.

Listen to her story:

Hailey formerly went to public school.  Hailey formerly hated math.

She tells why as succinctly as any third or fourth grader can say it.

Common Core was “like a locked gate” keeping her cruelly barred from the garden of math understanding.

But once her parents removed her from the labyrinthine confines of the public school and enrolled her in the Ron Paul Curriculum, the locked gate was removed, and she was able to enter into the garden of math understanding.  Now she understands it.  Now she ‘gets it.’

Now she loves it!

For Hailey, math is no longer the mysterious mythology constructed by academic theoreticians who had confused and befuddled her through Common Core.

Now math is the bright, clear path of simple, beginning arithmetic that it should be.  Now it is a more level and straight path for her to follow.  For this hopeful young scholar, liberation came in the form of an old-fashioned approach to teaching and learning math called Ray’s Arithmetic.

This story has been repeated, I’m sure, numerous times by students whose parents have enrolled them in one of the Ray’s Arithmetic-based courses that are now being offered at Ron Paul Curriculum.  Beginning arithmetic is taught in Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 and Math 4.  And so far, I’m very pleased with the response that these courses have been receiving.

Something tells me, there are a lot more Haileys out there.


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