Wellness Mama Recommends… Ron Paul Curriculum!

As the Math instructor for grades 1-4 at the Ron Paul Curriculum, I was overjoyed to see this from Wellness Mama:

This tool isn’t free, but it has been a life-saver for me over the past year and is really inexpensive compared to other programs available online. The Ron Paul Curriculum has online classes for all of the core subjects including reading, math and history. We use it as a supplement to our regular curriculum, and the kids especially like the history curriculum.

I love it because it doesn’t require any textbooks or extra materials. The courses are taught by college professors via video lectures and I am really enjoying watching and learning too. They also focus quite a bit on writing and have students write weekly essays starting in 4th grade. I’m a tad bit biased, but writing has been an incredibly useful skill for me and I’m happy to see my kids learning solid writing skills as well!

The curriculum also focuses on critical thinking and uses original sources whenever possible.

You can read her review here.

Word is getting out.  To have a well-known figure in the health-and-wellness space online like Wellness Mama personally recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum as a “life-saving” and “really inexpensive” online homeschool resource is a BIG DEAL.

And to have Ray’s Arithmetic as the basis for so much of that curriculum’s math courses — exclusively so in the primary/elementary grades — means that multitudes of school-age kids will be able to learn this tried-and-true system of arithmetic and mathematics which will eminently and virtually guarantee their math success.

Best of all, no Common Core!

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