Ray’s New… Math Website!

Ray's Primary Arithmetic Lesson 1

You may have noticed that things look a little bit different here since our last posting.

During the past month we’ve been busy — very busy — not only producing math videos for Ray’s Arithmetic, but also producing (trying to produce!) a decent and workable website for Ray’s.

Since day one–barely three months ago now–I knew that this site would have to be three things to all people, in order to be a success and make a positive impact.

And I knew that it needed to be these three things always and forever.

It needed to be useful.  It needed to be well-organized.  And it needed to be easy to navigate: find your way around and find what you need.

I have been striving to make sure that this is exactly what you find and what you experience when you come here: a useful (“helpful”), well-organized, clean and easy-to-navigate website.

That is why I have decided to do the following. (Drumroll, please…)


NOW,… along with the video lessons themselves on each page of this estimable bundle of digits and electrons, you will also find included, the full and complete lessons from the Ray’s Arithmetic books right on the screen, right on the page that you are looking at.


How useful is that?  How helpful would that be?

I hope plenty.  Because that is what we will be doing for ALL of the arithmetic lessons in the Ray’s books!

Paperless Arithmetic?

Don’t get me wrong.  I still think that you should either purchase the hard-copy volumes of the Ray’s Arithmetic books or else download and print the PDFs of them.  To me, they are still more useful and beneficial, especially to younger students, in that form: physical paper and print.  They can be written on.  They can be handled: “manipulatives.”  They tend to be more memorable.  “Seeing (and feeling) is believing!”  The printed lessons, or the books, become a sort of landmark in the student’s permanent academic record. “Been there. Done that!”

The books also make a terrific library of unique, comprehensive and highly sophisticated mathematics instruction — sophisticated, that is, once you get past the counting of birds and bats and balls… and CHERRIES! 

Nevertheless, there is a lot to be said for having the lessons right there in from of you, in the same form, or at least delivered via the same medium, as the videos.

The convenience factor is HUGE (I think).  It is unmistakable.

It saves you from having to print out the lessons.  You can if you want to, of course.  You will probably still want to.  But at least now it is an option and not a requirement.

Students without access to a printer and paper can enjoy the full benefit of the lessons.  They can take full advantage of all that Ray’s has to offer.  It simplifies things greatly (I think).

That is really important to me!

That’s All

I just wanted to take the opportunity of this posting to bring this latest and most significant development to your attention. I hope that it will enhance the usefulness and “value” of the site.  After all, it is my intention and goal to make this the “go-to” website for all things Ray’s Arithmetic!



  1. Pepi Wong says:

    Are you able to give dates of when K & Gr 1 maths would be ready for use?

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