The Latest Primary Math Lessons on Numbers and Counting

We’ve been busy beavers.  Since our last update we completed a review lesson covering Lessons One (I) through Four (IV).  You can see that review lesson here:

Also, we just finished Lesson Five (V) and Lesson SIx (VI) on reading and writing the numbers from one (1) to one hundred (100).

Actually it’s reading and writing the numbers from zero (0) to one hundred (100). But who’s counting?… WE are!

Lesson Five has the student reading each figure as it is written, following a pattern that shows how position affects value.

Lesson Six has the student writing the figures as they are spoken, following the same pattern.

One thing that young learners will begin to see early on and readily appreciate about numbers and arithmetic is this:  they follow patterns and rules that are easy to understand and logical (i.e., they make sense!).

Lesson FIve is divided into two parts:

Lesson Six is divided into three parts:

Can’t wait for Lesson Seven (VII)…  That’s where we start doing some real arithmetic!


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