Ray’s Primary Arithmetic, Lesson One

Yesterday I completed and uploaded the first lesson in the Ray’s Primary Arithmetic series: Lesson One.

It starts at the beginning. The VERY beginning! Counting the numbers from one (1) through (10).

What makes the Ray’s approach so effective for laying a solid math foundation with young learners is that it starts with a concrete, visual approach to learning to count and learning the numbers. Student and teacher alike are encouraged to find real-world objects to use first. This makes counting and numbers easy to relate to each other before going into the abstractness of learning the numeric symbols.

The book uses balls. In the video lesson, I use a simple visual for counting: circles. They are easy to draw and easy to count. Ideally, the student will have already been practicing and reinforcing this by counting small, commonplace objects around the house that are easy to work with: pennies, nickels, dimes, beads, marbles–even food items: nuts, sunflower seeds, beans, peas, kernels of corn–whatever is handy.

So here is the first installment:

Update 12-July-2014: Lesson One was redone using an external microphone and with more emphasis on counting.  I did not include writing out each number in words as I did in the original.  That is covered in later lessons.


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